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      Humans of Neenah

      Posted on by Future Neenah

      A Virtuous Volunteer

      john bellmore

        “I’m trying to do as much good for as many people as I can,” proclaims John

      Bellmore of Neenah. John is a regular volunteer at Washington Early Learning

      Center in Neenah. Washington ELC is the home to UW Oshkosh Head Start

      program and 4K classrooms. At Washington, he assists in classrooms, on the

      playground, in fundraisers, and at school events.

      John Bellmore and his wife Mary have been living in Neenah for just over 20

      years and describe it as a “peaceful and prosperous place. We chose to settle

      here because there is everything that you would ever need that would be in a

      big city; but, it is located here,” states John. He also enjoys Neenah’s beautiful

      parks and trails, the friendly people, as well as the responsive government

      which enrich the lives of both residents and visitors. John relates how

      Saturdays in summer he and his wife often eat lunch at Kimberly Point,

      watch the wildlife and look out at the lake. After lunch, “we will do a lap or two

      around Riverside Park while enjoying the scenery.”

      Retiring after 30 years at ARA Vending in 2006, John would meet Mary

      every day for lunch at Spring Road Elementary in Neenah where she works. One

      day while enjoying lunch together, Mary popped the question–“How would

      you feel about volunteering on the playground?” John has been volunteering in

      the district ever since. While volunteering in the school, he often helps with

      prepping for activities so that the teacher as well as the assistant, can spend

      more time with the kids. Additionally, John remarks how he helps the kids to

      carve pumpkins during the harvest months. “I also am able to help the kids

      learn and practice playground safety,” mentions John.

      As he strives to do as much good as he can, for as many people as possible,

      John also expresses how he seeks to be trusted and how honesty inspires trust

      in others. He illustrates the value of them through a favorite motto, “it is

      better to be trusted than to be loved because everyone is loved but not always


      By NHS Arete Student Becca Miller

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