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**We include NEENAH events on our calendar (activities that take place in Neenah, are coordinated by a Neenah based entity &/or benefit the greater Neenah community). Events should be of broad, public interest for participation by the entire community. We do not post items of a religious or political nature nor do we post items that are solely for individual business advertising or promotion. Future Neenah does retain the right of refusal for any submitted events.

Your support is critical as we carry out our mission of promoting the economic and cultural vitality of Neenah.
  • EZ up tent weights for event tents (much needed item) 
  • Zip ties, approx. 15″ (much needed item) 
  • One 12 or 14 gauge electrical cord for our events
  • Two cord reels for electrical cords (above)
  • Office supplies: Case of 8.5 x 11 copier paper (much needed item), 6 clip boards, box tri-cut tab manila file folders, name tag labels, jump drives (8 or 16 GB), large dry erase wall calendar (multi month), stamps, easels (metal, collapsible)
  • Donations of money for the daily operations of the organization
  • Paper towel roll for restroom
  • Services: locksmith & HVAC & carpet cleaning
  • New commercial floor mats
  • Event sponsors for 2017
  • Volunteers to help with events and maintenance
  • zip ties  cord reel  tent weights extension cord

Future Neenah is a 501 C3 organization, all gifts are tax deductible.
Call for more information 920.722.1920.

Because so many charitable organizations are in need of your support, we are especially grateful to all of our contributors who generously donate to help Future Neenah serve the community!All donations large and small and all gifts of money, time, talent and materials are truly appreciated. Your support is critical as we carry out our mission of promoting the economic and cultural vitality of Neenah.