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** UPDATE ** January 2017
The Mission Basketball Academy, Inc. has taken over ownership of the event. You can reach them at 920.423.3575


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Neenah StreetBall to Retire After 25 Years of Play

Neenah, WI August 16, 2016–  After 25 years of dribbling and dunking, the organizers of StreetBall have retired Wisconsin’s Premiere 3 on 3 basketball tournament played on the streets of Downtown Neenah.  Neenah StreetBall, which began in 1992, gave tens of thousands of fans and players an opportunity to reconvene every year in the name of basketball. The event drew over a quarter million visitors during its run and engaged thousands of volunteers, sponsors, and partner groups over the years.  StreetBall has given back significantly to the Neenah community and had a local economic impact of $10 million over 25 years.

Future Neenah will continue to engage the community in their efforts. “Our organization prides itself on responding to the needs of the Neenah Area and looking towards the future for community growth opportunities.  Closing the door on StreetBall allows us to redirect our efforts to spearhead future projects such as Loop the Little Lake:  Trestle Project and open new doors to better support the recruitment and retention of our business community,” states Future Neenah Executive Director Amy Barker. In addition to StreetBall, Future Neenah has a 33 year legacy of fundraising to make key projects become a reality for all to enjoy- Relaunch the Rocket/rebuilding Rocket playground at Riverside Park, rebuilding Shattuck Park, and the current Navigate Neenah-Menasha trail connection initiative are just a few projects Future Neenah has spearheaded over recent years.

Future Neenah also organizes many of the free, open to the community events that happen in Neenah- from Farmers Market to the Summer Concert Series, Business Networking events to the Christmas event featuring Live Mannequins; all are examples of Future Neenah at work. Future Neenah is solely funded by donations and these events remain free because of the generosity of sponsors, volunteers, and donors that help Future Neenah continue these efforts.  “While events certainly aren’t the only thing that Future Neenah does, they are definitely the most fun way we engage our community.  We are busy planning fun and innovative future events for all to enjoy,” said Board President Jake Lamb.  “To stay progressive, we need to always be working towards the next big thing for Neenah,” stated Lamb.

Future Neenah, the non-profit that organizes StreetBall, has proudly worked with the community in creating this iconic event for Neenah.  “Youth sports in our area have evolved significantly over the last 25 years.  Kids are playing the sports they love year-round, with the opportunity to travel all summer long.  This competes with our ability to grow StreetBall.  We have enjoyed seeing many players come back to play StreetBall year after year, however, even their knees retire from this game at some point,” stated Assistant Executive Director Sara Hanneman.

“StreetBall is a major expense in time, dollars and effort with a small dedicated staff. It was time for us to refocus that energy on areas that benefit the community more holistically,” said Fritz Merizon, Future Neenah’s Board Vice President.

“It was an incredible accomplishment to celebrate our 25 year milestone of creating a basketball legacy that has positively impacted Neenah. We wanted to end on a positive note. We are proud to have accomplished our mission of putting Neenah on the map, while sustaining our mission and giving back to a wide variety of local causes that have helped Neenah thrive.  We are excited to look to our future opportunities that will have an even greater impact,” stated incoming Board President Meghan Healy.

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Future Neenah is a community driven non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the economic and cultural vitality of Neenah Area.