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Humans of Neenah

Posted on by Future Neenah

Neenah Feels Like Home

Kathy Hrubecky and her husband, Steve, moved to Neenah shortly after they both graduated college. Kathy has been married for 25 years, and has 2 children in college. The boys are the 5th generation of the Hrubeckys to live in Neenah. From Kathy and Steve’s first house on 7th Street, they could see the old Hrubecky family home that was built by her husband’s great grandfather.

Her family loves to run, camp, and do all things outdoors. Their favorite family vacation spot is in Utah. One of Kathy’s favorite spots in Neenah is her friend’s house on the south side of Neenah.  This is where she has a vegetable garden with her father-in-law. Kathy loves the idea of growing her own food in the summer, and sharing with her friends. Another one of Kathy’s favorite locations is the Neenah Public Library. Kathy has been working at the library for almost 12 years. The Neenah Public Library has so much to offer, and has become a destination for many people.

Neenah also has great schools and teachers, great parks, great restaurants, and great business opportunities.  It’s pretty cool to have all that in a small community. Kathy hopes to retire in Neenah, because Neenah feels like home.

-Humans of Neenah Article by NHS Student by Kendyl Horn.Hrubecky

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