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      Humans of Neenah

      Posted on by Future Neenah

      No community is quite like Neenah

      After growing up in Neenah and attending college in Madison, Theresa has spent most of her life in Neenah with the exception of a summer in Florida. She’s lived here for more than 30 years, now with her husband and two children. She really likes the feel of community, nature, family, and the memories. When asked about why she likes Neenah so much, she said that when she was younger she wanted to live everywhere else other than in Neenah. However, after going to college and living in Florida for 3 months, she had decided to go back and live in Neenah. When she compared other communities to Neenah, she said Neenah is just better. She also said another reason that she lived in Neenah was because so much of her family lives here or close by. She loves spending time with her family and has not one, but many favorite memories. “I remember every Fourth of July, walking my dog in the parks, and being with my family.” When asked if given the chance, would she move somewhere else? She said no. “I like it here too much; being so close to family, and being in an area so close to nature. No community is quite like Neenah,” said Theresa.

      -Humans of Neenah Article by NHS Student Michael Sattler

      Photo: Theresa and her son Oliver at Heckrodt.


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