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Humans of Neenah

Posted on by Future Neenah

DQ reiser The Neenah Dairy Queen on Commercial Street has just reached a milestone. Over the summer, Jim Reiser’s family Dairy Queen celebrated it’s 50th anniversary. Jim and his family moved to Neenah in 1966. After they moved, their family operated the Neenah Dairy Queen on Commercial Street. Fourteen years later, in 1980, Jim bought the family run business. His favorite part of managing Dairy Queen is hiring and mentoring young people. Jim’s goal is to make somebody happy each day, whether it’s spinning up a blizzard for a person having a bad day, or complimenting one of his employees. He always loves taking care of staff and learning from his mistakes. Along with watching his homegrown business evolve, one of Jim’s favorite memories was moving with his family to Neenah. Anyone who knows Jim knows that his strongest characteristic is definitely his caring side. He will never let you down and he is very dependable whether you need popcorn for an event, or you’re applying for a job, Jim will always get back to you on time. Jim views Neenah as an educated, vibrant city that is safe, and has many activities for people of all ages. Jim was very surprised and impressed when a community leader wrote an editorial about him and his store. One of Jim’s happiest accomplishments would be his 40th wedding anniversary with his wife. When Dairy Queen on Commercial Street first started, it was just a little window shop to come and grab your ice cream. Jim’s little home grown business has now turned into something extraordinarily satisfying and attracts more customers each day. Whether you won the baseball championship, earned an A on your science final, or got the new job, Dairy Queen is the place to go. -Article by NHS Student Jackson Roh

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