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Humans of Neenah

Posted on by Future Neenah


A Life of Service and Success            

Mary and Lee Erickson’s adventure started when they were 15 years old, and dating in high school, fast forward almost 50 years, Mary and Lee are now married.  Mary’s childhood dream of becoming a mother has come true. They have two daughters whose names are Sara, and Emily, They also have two grandchildren whose names are Audrey and Olivia. Lee will forever cherish his memory of going skydiving with his daughter.  Mary and Lee are very passionate about their two daughters.  They also love their grandchildren very much and they have many fond memories of their home in the Coolidge School neighborhood.

Mary and Lee feel very blessed with their lives and they want to be remembered as people who were happily involved in the community.  Lee’s commitment to the community is apparent in his four years of service in the military.  Mary also served the public in her career as a nurse at Fox Valley Technical College. During their retirement years, this lovely couple enjoys kayaking and hiking. Something on their bucket list is to spend as much time with family and friends as they can, and to stay healthy. (Good thing Mary was a nurse!)

Mary is inspired by her coworkers! They motivate her to do her very best. Lee’s father is his role model. Lee’s father has always been very caring and nurturing towards him.  Lee and Mary hope that they are inspirational to their daughters and have guided them down the right path and led them to success.  Mary and Lee have no regrets in life and believe failure is a learning experience. They feel that Neenah is a great place to live and they are definitely role models for our community.

Article by Neenah High School Student Jasmine Wiley

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