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Humans of Neenah

Posted on by Future Neenah


Live While You’re Young

In memory of Bob Douglas, MD 2-22-31 to 1-24-17

“Do things while you’re young,” was a message that resounded with Nan and Bob Douglas who have been residents of Neenah for 54 years and counting. They have two children Robyn and Bruce Douglas. Bob is a quiet, smart and soft spoken man, while Nan is known as “Ming the Merciless.”

Nan and Bob lived by their motto and while Bob was in the service they traveled the world, among their favorite places were England, South Africa and Brazil. Since Bob’s service concluded, they have attended multiple Wimbledon Championships, are season ticket holders for the Green Bay Packers, and are Badger fans. Nan and Bob were involved in Greek life at the University of Wisconsin – Madison where Bob graduated as a radiologist and Naan graduated with an x-ray technician degree.

When they finally settled down, Bob spent his residency in Neenah at Theda Clark and they have been in Neenah ever since. He worked as a Radiologist in the Fox Valley for 40 years. Bob says, “It’s not too big or not too small. The political climate is benign and it is well governed. The people are friendly and the hospital is right around the corner. It is an attractive city and a place you would come back to. It has all the amenities and none of the big city problems.”

One of the features of Neenah that’s kept the Douglas’s here for over half a century is the joy of living on the lake where they revel in bird watching. They are loyal customers of Go Wild with Birds where they purchase all their seed for feeding the geese, squirrels, chipmunks and birds that congregate in their backyard. They enjoy spending time with their grandkids and are major cat lovers.

“Do things while you’re young because, eventually you won’t be able to do them anymore.” This is solid advice. So if you’re interested in getting to know these wonderful people better, you don’t need to travel the world, you could find them at Cannova’s enjoying dinner or at the lighthouse gazing into the distance reliving their past adventures.

– By NHS Student Kayla Kraus

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