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Humans of Neenah

Posted on by Future Neenah


Neal Schultz has lived an interesting life. If you just looked at him, you probably wouldn’t have guessed that he is 75 years old. Born on February 26, 1941 Mr. Schultz has had a pretty happy life and even bravely served our country. That doesn’t mean there weren’t hardships. Mr. Schultz had moved to Neenah with his wife after they got married. “We liked how clean and safe it was overall. Also, the way Neenah is always progressing makes it an attractive place to live,” Mr. Schultz commented. Shortly after moving, Mrs. Schultz fell ill and passed away. Mr. Schultz was not quite sure what to do and was grieving. He chose to just keep on going, all the time content in believing there was a reason and that everything will be ok in the end.

When he met the current Mrs. Schultz, they fell in love and got married. They decided to stay in Neenah, and to retire here. Mrs. Sue Schultz loves to create exquisite quilts and doilies, which she has placed around their house. She even makes seasonal ones. This sweet couple never had any children. The closest thing they had was an adorable and loving dog that, sadly, recently passed away.

Their cozy home has a perfectly manicured lawn with beautifully kept flowers and bushes. Mr. Schultz’s passion is landscaping. Through the years, he has always kept up with being outside doing what he loves best. Even after retiring in 2000, he got a part time job keeping a young couples’ yard meticulous and radiant. “I have always loved to do physical work, preferably outside.” Mr. Schultz also said “I don’t plan on stopping just because of my age; it keeps me feeling well and full of life.” Just like clockwork, anyone can see either he or Mrs. Schultz mowing every week and gardening at every opportunity.

Many believe that my generation and many others have lost the art of just enjoying life’s small moments and working hard when necessary. When this was brought this up, Mr. Schultz offered these words of wisdom: “Remember to be responsible for what you do, and don’t expect a free ride through life if you don’t work hard. Do what you have to do. Although many things are important, you have to learn to appreciate everything you have and take the chances offered to you. Everything else will just come along with it.” Most people have heard that from pretty much everyone, but just try it. Mr. Schultz is very wise and an amazing person to get to know. Many look up to him for being able to make it this far in the race of life as well as he has. With so many people like him in Neenah, you should go and find someone like him to talk with. They will be glad to hear your story and to share their story in return.

Article by NHS Student Lauren Bump

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