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Paddle Power w/ Fox River Kayaking Company

Posted on by Future Neenah

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It’s a calm morning and the water is glassy as the sun slowly rises. Seagulls are flying off in the distance, ducks are quaking and a fish jumps, cracking the glass to ripples.

This may sound like a faraway place or even a made up paradise, but this is our backyard, this is the city we know and love – Neenah, Wisconsin!

Located on the North West shores of Lake Winnebago and at the mouth of the powerful Lower Fox River, Neenah is a water community in the Fox River Valley. Sharing Doty Island with Menasha, one city cannot be mentioned without the other as they are known as the twin cities. [Like siblings, the twin cities have strong competitions, but they always have each other’s backs].

Neenah’s name has Native American origins. Once referred to as Winnebago Rapids, Neenah in Hoocąk was originally Niina, meaning ‘running water’. The village was incorporated in 1856 and only continued to develop from there!

We can share more history, but this is not a history lesson, it’s a love story! Like any other city in America’s history, there were victories & follies, heroes & others, and through the dance of life, we arrived at a beautiful present-day Neenah, a thriving water community!

Thriving may be an understatement as Neenah’s many leaders work together to continue bringing positive visions to reality. One of the projects we are very excited about is the development of Arrowhead Park. Arrowhead Park will be a community space open for all to enjoy the water. The potential is endless and we just can’t wait to enjoy it!

Arrow Head Park has a 2,400 foot shoreline and this must be exemplified in the grandeur it deserves, inspiring park visitors to feel larger (or smaller) than life with eloquent design and a balanced artistic form. We hope the developers take inspirations from many of the awe inspiring parks built across America.

Neenah, Menasha and the Island they share are a special place to explore and we welcome everyone to join us out on the water to take in its beauty!

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