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Donor Testimonials

Future Neenah is so grateful to all of the individuals and businesses who support the organization!
We are a 501 C3 nonprofit organization supported solely by your generosity.

** On Giving Tuesday, November 29, the first $8,000 dollars in donations to the organization will be matched by our executive committee and a generous community-minded family. **

Donate Here: https://secure.givelively.org/donate/future-neenah-inc

Ryan Batley
General Manager
Best Western Premier Bridgewood Resort Hotel & Conference Center
1000 Cameron Way
Neenah, WI 54956    

Give Where You Get!  Supporting Future Neenah is easy to do having a business, family, and friends here.  Future Neenah, donor supported, community driven, is not funded by tax dollars and thrives by the support of Neenah residents and businesses.  I appreciate how Future Neenah events bring the community together to celebrate and showcase all that this amazing city has to offer.  Our family enjoys the Summer Concert Series while Bridgewood Catering is thankful to be a part of the Out to Lunch Concerts at Shattuck Park.  There is always a fun and free event to look forward to thanks to Future Neenah.  Please consider donating today and join in the fun!     

Tim M. Bergstrom
President and CEO of Bergstrom Automotive   

In 1983 Future Neenah was created as a nonprofit with the vision to keep the downtown of Neenah a special place and prospering .  When people are drawn to the downtown it keeps the local small businesses and restaurants thriving.  We have been supporters of this cause since inception and continue to believe in its mission through today.  Neenah is special and we encourage you to help keep it this way by supporting and giving to Future Neenah.  Our favorite event to sponsor is the concert series, these are so well executed and attended.  They remind me of something from a Norman Rockwell painting depicting small town life in the midwest … come to life.  Shattuck Park is filled with families, smiles and friendly gestures during these music filled nights and lunches. Future Neenah continues to build the connections within this very special community.  Give to Future Neenah and help keep downtown Neenah the gem it is. “Darlin Neenah”

Matt Brehmer
Brehmer Law LLC
117 W Wisconsin Ave
Neenah, WI 54956

We support Future Neenah because of all they do to support our Community. Not only do they put on countless events that are fun and bring the Community together, but as a new business owner, they have connected me with numerous resources to help us out. 

A Very Merry Christmas is my favorite event, and we cannot wait to participate in it for the first time this year. Our favorite event that we have participated in so far has been Warm Your Heart Event. We participated in this just a few months after opening the doors and it was a great way to meet hundreds of people and share our story with them. 

Our favorite part about volunteering with Future Neenah has been meeting so many of the great people in our Community. It’s always enjoyable to be part of something fun that brings so many people together. 

Someone should consider supporting Future Neenah because they are a major supporter of our great Community and you should always want to support an organization like that. 

Personally, Future Neenah, with all their events, has been a lot of fun, especially with multiple events and fun opportunities to get out each week during the Summer. For our Firm, Future Neenah has helped provide us with lots of exposure to the Community and has been extremely helpful with connecting us to numerous great resources in the Community. 

Tom Dunsirn
Sunset Hill Stoneware, LLC
Neenah, WI    

As a Neenah native, I like to support my hometown businesses. Future Neenah’s concerts and other events over the year makes my family look forward to things. My family loves the Mannequin Night. Future Neenah is the heartbeat of the community. Without donations and volunteers, we wouldn’t have the events and opportunities that make Neenah a special place. Neenah is a small community, but Future Neenah makes it seem like we live in a larger community with everything it does. Thank You!


Todd Kelsey
CEO of Plexus Corp.  

 “Founded more than 40 years ago in Neenah, Plexus has evolved into a global company, but our strong roots remain.  This history, combined with our talented and dedicated local team of more than 600, continues to help propel our growth and success.  Neenah’s thriving and vibrant downtown community—which Future Neenah Inc. helps support and develop—plays a key role in our ability to attract and retain the talented individuals that will allow Plexus to sustain its growth as we fulfill our vision of helping create the products that build a better world.”


Peter Kuenzi
1540 S. Commercial Street
Neenah, WI   

Future Neenah does an amazing job promoting Neenah. Few cites the size of Neenah have such a vibrant downtown.My Favorite event is the Farm to Table. I love working with the farmers and other local chefs to put on the event with Future Neenah.It’s a great organization, very organized and a friendly helpful staff make it easy to volunteer.Your support is important because Neenah is a great city especially for its size; we have big city shops, amenities and restaurants in a beautiful downtown setting. Future Neenah has helped create and maintain that environment. You feel like you belong in Neenah and are proud to call it home.Future Neenah was there when I started Zuppas; they directed in in finding a location and put me in contact with people willing to help. Forever Grateful.  

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