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Monthly Archives: May 2018

Humans of Neenah

Posted on by Future Neenah

Memory Maker  “We help folks to create memories, to play and a have good quality of life throughout the City of Neenah,” says Michael Kading, the Neenah Parks and Recreation director. A main function of his job is to direct the building and remodeling of the parks in the Neenah area, one of which, Washington… read more

It takes a village

Posted on by Future Neenah

Many of us have heard the African Proverb, “It takes a village to raise a child.” I am thankful to live in Neenah, which happens to be a wonderful “village” to raise my 3 teenage girls. But I also think that it takes a community to nurture our schools to serve our specific community needs…. read more

Humans of Neenah – Heroes of Neenah

Posted on by Future Neenah

Erin Stoffel: Motherhood, Faith and Forgiveness Erin Stoffel is a mother, Christian, survivor, and hero. Born and raised in Neenah, she is an active member of the Calvary Bible Church, regularly volunteers at the YMCA, and is a dutiful mother. And today we honor Erin, and recognize the three pillars of personality: Motherhood, Faith and… read more