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Business Impr. Dist.
What is a B.I.D?

2023 Downtown Neenah BID Operating Plan


2013 Market Analysis and Branding Study

2014 NHS / Historical Society If Neenah’s Walls Could Talk project to see & hear more about their historic Downtown Neenah building documentation project.

directory brochure  for the updated November 2022 flier guide containing a full list and map of Downtown Neenah businesses.

BID Flow Chart for a flow chart of your BID investment at work.

Public WiFi access with “Neenahfi”

What is the B.I.D.?

The Business Improvement District

In the late 1990’s, business leaders and merchants began meeting regularly with Future Neenah and the City of Neenah to craft a strategy for the future of the downtown. As part of the effort, a Downtown Task Force, comprised of stakeholders with broad-based interests, was created to identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. After a thorough analysis of the downtown corridor, the need for a comprehensive approach to centralized management, supported by a reliable source of revenue, was identified as the most compelling case for the creation of the Business Improvement District.

In November 2001 the Neenah Common Council approved the creation of the Neenah Central City Business Improvement District (BID) effective January 1, 2002. The BID encompasses a 22-block area of the downtown, north to the Canal, east to Oak/Walnut Streets, west to the Main Street overpass and south on Commercial Street to Jackson Street. The Operating Plan for the Central City Management Business Improvement District (BID) creates a stable stream of revenue from a broad base of benefactors aimed at achieving commonly agreed upon goals and objectives.

There are four goals and objectives outlined in the original BID Plan.

  1. Physical Maintenance to maintain an attractive, clean district.
  2. Retention and Recruitment to create and maintain a plan to retain existing businesses and to recruit new destination businesses.
  3. Public Relations and Marketing to develop and maintain the image of Downtown Neenah as a vibrant community center with an interesting, historic retail shopping district.
  4. Centralized Administration coordinated between Future Neenah, Inc. and the City of Neenah to effectively and efficiently implement and manage the goals and objectives delineated by the BID board. There is an 11-member BID board which was appointed by the mayor. This board consists of property owners, business representatives, a community representative and a City of Neenah representative.

BID Meetings

The BID board meets on the third Tuesday of each month at 8 a.m. in the Hauser Room at City Hall .

The BID Marketing & PR Committee meets on the second Thursday of each month at 8 a.m. in the Second Floor Conference Room at City Hall.

The BID Maintenance Committee meets quarterly on the second Wednesday of the month quarterly at 7 a.m. in the Hauser Room at City Hall.

BID Retention & Recruitment Committee – on call meetings are scheduled as necessary.

Neenah Central City Business Improvement District 2022 Board


George Brownell
BID Board President
Associated Bank

722.3321 (w)
[email protected]
Alex Noskowiak
BID Board Treasurer
Bergstrom Corporation

636.6323 (w)
[email protected]
Bob Gillespie
BID Board Secretary
Knox Furniture
722.0404 (w)
[email protected]
Umer Sheikh
BID Board Past President

Investment Creations
414.793.7887 (c)

[email protected]
Robert Wedge
Property Owner 125 W Wisconsin
[email protected]
Victoria Dorn
 277.2176 (w)
Leeann Wasinger
The Tailored Hide & The Gift Gallery

[email protected]
Michelle Bauer
Community Representative
830.6066 (w)
[email protected]
Christine Rondeau
Investment Planners
886-1300 (w)
[email protected]
John Skyrms
[email protected]
Alex Wenzel
BID Board VP
Lions Tail Brewing Co.

215.6443 (w)
[email protected]