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Humans of Neenah

Posted on by Future Neenah


Home is where the heart is. This accurately describes the events in Pam Seidl’s life. Growing up in the small town of Wausau, Pam was the youngest in a family of four. She was a multi-sport athlete that lived a rather hectic life. Trying to fit in softball, basketball, cheer, skiing, maintaining good grades and spending time with her family was difficult for her to keep track of when only given a certain amount of daylight. She managed all of these tasks while still achieving many great things. Pam graduated from Newman high school then went on to finish her education at Oshkosh College. Many memories were made there but most importantly she graduated with a major that would be very beneficial for her future. As the executive director of the Fox Cities Convention and Visitors Bureau, her major in journalism and public relations had a huge correlation to her success. As the executive director she gets to help the community by promoting and making sure that people visit the Fox Cities, therefore helping the local economy. Although her job is a huge part of her daily life, her favorite activity is spending time with her family. When asked what her favorite things to do were she stated, “I really enjoy hiking at Highcliff, going out to eat at local restaurants, and walking across the Trestle with my family.” Her family includes her husband Mark, her son Benjamin, and her daughter Laura. One of the main reasons for her coming to Neenah was the location. The thing she loves most is the fact that it’s close to water and all the walking trails. She also loves the history and the fact that the community took an old railroad crossing and transformed it into a trail that everyone could use. One thing that she also loves is being part of the Rotary club, which is a club that does a lot of projects for the community. Some of her favorite memories from being part of this organization were helping build the playground at Fritse Park and being able to give the Bergstrom-Mahler Museum of Glass a check for a grant. Home is where the heart is. Her heart is right here in Neenah, with her family, her memories and all the other things that she loves.

-Article by NHS Student Jessica Sealock

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