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Walking Neenah

Posted on by Future Neenah

4 A.M

The fresh pigment smell of paint fills the air, the beautiful frame of the water creates a magnificent, historic view with its surrounding area. The new addition to the Trestle loop is finally built, located behind Plexus Corporation, completing the Loop the Lake Project. The loop is 5 kilometers long and encircles the south half of Lake Butte Des Morts, and it crosses the lake and the two branches of the Fox River that link Neenah, Menasha and Fox Crossing. The Trestle Trail bridge always had a special place in my heart, from running, walking, and biking with my family and friends, it defines a sense of place for me.

The thrilling energy of walking out of my house greets me with a mix of smells. Fresh cut grass, morning dew, and the air smells crisp and cool, like autumn. I begin my usual running route by heading towards Kimberly Point and around Riverside Park then towards the Trestle Bridge.

By the time I reach Kimberly Point, I peer over at the lighthouse and my thoughts flashback to a time when I saw an older gentlemen over by the edge of the water, gracefully doing hand movements and poses of QiGong. I remember running by him and thinking, “I want to do something like that, that looks really cool.” He inspired me to do 5 minutes of Yoga after each run.

Time passes and I finally reach the new bridge; my worn out tennis shoes kiss the wooden planks as I run across the new wooden bridge, my breathing is steady, my heart is strong; I relish the prospect of running faster than my normal pace, I love a little challenge. I peer to my left and glimpse the scattered orange sky that also hints hues of yellow, and endless streaks of blue that fill a part of the sky with mesmerizing, blended colors. My nostrils flare, and I stop and stare into the ambitious, illuminating crevice of the horizon. My face is aglow with these colors, my emotions stilled and all my worries seemed to have disappeared. This astonishing view mirrored onto the water, I make way towards the edge and kneel, brushing my hand against the once still surface; the water is cold and sends a chilling sensation down my spine, ruffles, and rounded troughs began to form in the water and they stretched, unifying the stillness and peacefulness of 4 a.m.

By: NHS Arete Student Katelyn Jonte

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